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The High 5 Approach

A school holiday activity club in West Sussex open to children aged 5-9, High 5 Learning was established as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, children need tools, techniques, and guidance to manage their feelings & emotions, foster their well-being and be able to face challenges in our ever-changing world.


High 5 Learning has been founded by Ruth Lockyer, a highly experienced, high-quality Prep School teacher.

About Ruth Lockyer

Ruth has over a decade of teaching and leadership experience in Early Years and Primary Education, at Primary & Prep Schools in the UK and in successful British schools in China and Singapore. She is a specialist in Physical Education, early child development, and a trained kids yoga teacher. 

She says: "I am passionate about making High 5 one of the most encouraging and inspiring children's holiday clubs in Sussex, with a core aim of developing children's well-being. Research shows that when a child is happy and feels secure in themselves, they will succeed. I believe that High 5 - which will run during school holidays, including Easter and summer holidays, and half term - will enable children to find their inner confidence and allow them to build skills and appreciation for everyday life."​


Why High 5?

Get to Know Us

We're High 5 Learning - a fun kids well-being, language & physical activity holiday club in Sussex for children aged 5-7.

Our quest is to enhance and nurture children’s social skills & confidence so they know their worth in society through building their:

1. Self-esteem
2. Communication skills
3. Mindful movement 
4. Creativity 
5. Problem-solving skills

Our holiday club's days will be filled with mindfulness, yoga, creative time, outdoor exploration and language activities. Communication and social skills will be developed and embedded throughout all activities as children explore, thrive and learn together.​

Find out more about our clubs, events and private tuition, or get in touch to book your place today.

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